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The Ministry of Magic has fallen.

With his latest round of Death Eaters fresh from their perilous and traumatic training, the Dark Lord ordered an invasion that led to heavy casualties, including Rufus Scrimgeour and Kingsley Shacklebolt. The remaining Aurors are on the run, fleeing for their lives as the Order of the Phoenix lies in tatters. Meanwhile, the Ministry survives under the governance of Narcissa Malfoy, who plans to use her regaining of the Dark Lord’s favor to direct the Ministry’s resources toward finding her missing daughter. Lucius Malfoy prepares to face the newly-resurrected Magneto, whom he silenced in order to redeem himself in the Dark Lord’s eyes, with the hope that the mutant leader has no memory of the way he died and that the Dark Lord does not blame Lucius for his return. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, serving the new regime as Death Eaters with varying degrees of enthusiasm, have begun to suspect that the previous administration may not have been responsible for their father’s death, as they were told, and that perhaps their allies have more to hide than they realized. 

Death Eater numbers are rising.

Thanks to the Dark Lord’s drafting of the family members of his current followers and the intervention of his demon-whispering lap-cat Knox Avery, the Death Eaters are stronger in number than ever before. Hephaestus and Deyanira Lestrange, Abraxas Malfoy, Alexander Nott, and countless others have been returned to life in time to plan the invasion of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the eventual takeover of the rest of Europe. Augustus Rookwood is faced with the resurrection of a sister he never knew and a daughter from his relationship with Narcissa decades ago while he attempts to protect the three of his children who have been forced into the Death Eater ranks and his unborn son. Though the Dark Lord is now in power, his followers continue to live in a constant state of fear that a mistake could cost them their lives or those of their families.

Wizards and mutants have joined forces.

While the Brotherhood has merged with the Death Eaters, the X-Men begin to investigate the world of magic through their burgeoning alliances with Dumbledore’s Army, what remains of the Order of the Phoenix, and a young girl named Lila whom they rescued from the Hellfire Club and Mr. Sinister. Harry Potter has found a friend in Shadowcat, who has promised to educate him, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger on the world of mutants as they embark on their search for the Dark Lord’s horcruxes and the mysterious Deathly Hallows.

Where will you stand when battle lines are drawn?

World War Zero RPG

A Proboards-hosted, Post-HPB Potter/X-Men Crossover RP, Rated T+

Characters on all sides available, OCs welcome.

Active Administrators, Seeking Moderators

Death Eaters very active, Order and X-Men needed

Current Most Wanted: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Ororo Munroe [Storm], Anna-Marie Darkholme [Rogue], Bobby Drake [Iceman]

The RP our faceclaims are for is looking for members and staff. Questions or interest in a Mod position? Inbox us, please.

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